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A.    NHPC Vision: 
NHPC will provide leadership to contribute meaningfully to Nepal being a prosperous nation, which is energy independent, through the development of clean and renewable energy. 

B.    NHPC Mission: 
NHPC's mission is to strive to provide the highest returns to its shareholders by developing hydro power as well as renewables, and by engaging in other energy related businesses.
C.    NHPC Values: 

  • Integrity : We will be truthful and transparent in all our business dealings.
  • Fairness : we will treat our shareholder, our staff and all our stakeholders fairly, especially women, vulnerable people, disadvantaged people, and peoples of the marginalized communities.
  • Honesty  : We will maintain honesty and transparency in all of our activities and businesses.
  • Leadership in sector : NHPC shall engage in activities that provide leadership in the sector. 
  • Professionalism : We will set a high standard for professionalism, especially when it comes to our core businesses. We will not compromise in any way with safety and damage to the environment.
  • Respect nature  : We will do all in our power to protect and preserve our environment. 
  • Respect others  : We will respect all our stakeholders, our staff, contractors and regulating agencies and all our partner organizations.
  • Inclusiveness : We will make extra  effort to include marginalized communities, women, and other minorities in our activities and businesses

D.    NHPC Strategy: 

  • NHPC shall achieve its mission through 
  • Building, owning and operating hydropower projects.
  • Selecting attractive hydropower and other renewable projects for development.
  • Working together with professional contractors, engineers, bankers and investors to build, own and operate hydro power projects.
  • Creating partnerships: NHPC shall create professional partnerships with Engineering firms, Manufacturing industries, Production companies, contractors and other professionals. 
  • New business opportunities: NHPC shall venture into new profitable business opportunities in the energy sector, which will increase shareholder value, increase NHPC presence in the market and recognize NHPC leadership for undertaking unique and bold      initiatives.  
  • Working in harmony with government and governmental agencies such as Ministry of Energy, Department of Electricity Development, and Ministry of Environment, NEA, NEPSE, Nepal Rastra Bank as well as other local and regional agencies.
  • Resource mobilization: We shall increase company’s resources through issuance of IPOs and rights share, as well as revenues earned from our businesses. 
  • Increase shareholder value: We shall increase shareholder value through attractive investments and by making more investment opportunities available which will increase their values.