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Lower Erkhuwa Khola Hydropower project

The Lower Erkhuwa Khola Hydropower Project (LEKHP) is a run of river type project with licensed capacity of 14.15 MW, but has been funded for 13.05 MW. This hydropower project is located at Khadananda Municipality and Shalpa Silichoi Rural Municipality of Bhojpur District, Province no 1. The proposed headworks site is located between Khadananda Municipality (former Nepale Dada and Chauki Dada VDCs) and Shalpa Silicho Rural Municipality of Bhojpur District. The proposed powerhouse site is located at Majuwabesi Village on the right bank of Erkhuwa Khola. Waterways and all the hydraulic structures are proposed along the right bank of Erkhuwa Khola.

Salient Features:

Project Location

Khadananda Municipality,Bhojpur

Access to Site


Project Type


Installed Capacity


Annual energy generation

79.79 GWh

Design discharge

11.20 m3/s

Gross Head


Headrace tunnel

2524.95 m

Power Evacuation

About 2 km, 132 kV single circuit to proposed Sitalpati  sub-station at Shankhuwashabha

Phase of Project