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Kumar Panday

Kumar Panday

Executive Chairman

Message from Chairman

It has been almost a decade since I and my team took over the leadership of this Company. Little did we know then of the extent or the magnitude of challenges awaiting us. We dedicated all our resources - financial, intellectual and everything else at our disposal - to turn this company around. It tool many hours of hard work, unlimited amount of patience and sheer commitment to get the company out of the financial, and legal challenges it was facing. However, it is very gratifying today to look back upon those years and realize what major accomplishments we have been able to achieve.

During those years there was no guarantee of success. It was not a given that we could turn around a company that was in so much trouble and so much in need of overhauling. The patience of our shareholders, guidance from our legal and audit teams, the dedication of the Board of Directors and our employees, and the support from well-wisher, media and governmental agencies made this turn around possible. We now owe it to them all to set a trend of excellence and continue to improve our performance so that NHPC can be a beacon for others that are going through similar state of helplessness and dejection that we were facing a few years ago.

All said and done, this has simply provided us a possibility at a fresh start. Our goals and ambitions are still unmet. At 25, the company has finally come of age to move ahead with a second chance at fulfilling its dream and vision. Although we are constantly reminded of the difficulties we overcame, we must make a deliberate attempt not to dwell upon it. It is now time for us to look towards the future.

Our past has taught us to always do the right thing. To be honest and transparent. To respect our business, its related technology and the environment we work in. We need to create partnerships with our shareholders, banking partners, vendors, suppliers and most importantly out colleagues and employees. We need to create a culture where we respect strong ethics., respect honesty and we operate with integrity. We must be inclusive to all including women, minorities and the underprivileged. We must create a safe work environment for all of our colleagues.

I pledge to all our shareholders and stakeholders that we will do all that is necessary to make NHPC a leading clean energy developer in Nepal. NHPC will remain a respected company amongst the energy community. We will bring value to our shareholders and make positive contribution to our national growth.

I rest assured of your support and guidance as we make this new beginning.

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