About Us

Indrawati-III Hydropower Project

Project Location

VDCs: Jyamire, and Langarche VDCs of Sindhupalchowk district
Coordinates: 27deg 51'38"N to 27deg 53'15"N
85deg 35'24"E to 85deg37'12"E

Project Salient Features:

    Type of Project: Run-of River
    Gross Head: 65m
    Design Discharge: 14 m3/sec
    Installed Capacity: 7500kW
    Contract Energy: 50 GWh (Annual)

Bank Financing from:

  • Nabil Bank Ltd (Lead bank)
  • Employee's Provident Fund
  • NCC Bank Ltd.
  • Nepal Bank Ltd.
  • Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd.

About the Project

  • Water used from the Indrawati River, which is snow fed as well as spring fed.
  • The first small hydropower project in Nepal to use foreign funds and Nepali funds, and to close finance with local banks
  • All PPA payments are now in Nepali Rupees
  • Project license issued on : 2054-11-14 B. S. (1998/02/26)
  • Project license is valid up to 2104-09-29 B. S. ( 2048/01/14A.D)
  • Commercial operation date: 2059/06/21 B. S. (2002-10-07 A. D.)
  • Annual energy generation: between N. Rs. 180-190 million.
  • Share Structure: The Project Company is now totally owned by public.
  • Loan repayment complete by December 2015.