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Lower Indrawati Hydropower Project

Major works of this project have already been constructed.Of the power tunnel expected to be 3 km,about 2 km has already been excavated. Likewise siphons and river crossings have also been constructed.The remaining works consist of construction the remaining parts of the tunnel, construction of the fore bay and powerhouse,and installation of the generating equipment.

The license for this Project was owned by Sunkosi Hydropower Company Ltd.a subsidiary of NHPC. However, the government has cancelled the license of this Project citing delays in construction. Presently NHPC is in the process of obtaining the license and starting the development of this Project.

The Lower Indrawati hydropower is designed to be built as a cascade of the Indrawati III Hydropower Project(owned by NHPC). The project is expected to generate 4.5 MW of power and 30 GWh of energy annually.The power generated by this project will be connected to the national grid at the substation of the Indrawati-III Project, which wconnects the power house to the Panchkhal Substation through a 66 kV line owned by the Indrawati-III Project.

Main features of Project

    Type of Project : Cascade-Run-of River
    Gross Head : 47 m
    Design Discharge : 14 m3/sec
    Installed Capacity : 4500 kW
    Annual Energy generation : 30 GWh
    Power evacuation : 4 km to Indrwati-III substation, 66 kV

Project attractiveness:

  • Easily Accessible
  • Cascade Project
  • Significant amount of works completed
  • Familiarity with local issues
  • Transmission and access ready (including power wheeling arrangement)

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